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Case Studies

These case studies provide some examples of the R&D client projects that Dogleg Right (MACHINE Sports affiliate) has helped develop, bring to life and bring to market.
Dogleg and Billings client list highlights: Nike Golf / Nike Inc., Adams Golf, Augusta National Golf Club, Bobby Jones Golf, Yes! Putters, Mizuno Golf, Head Golf, Nicklaus Golf, Pebble Beach Company, among others.

Bloodline Golf – A client since inception in 2014 and a licensee of the Billings / Dogleg Right Modular Hosel Weight Adjustable Patents since 2015. Billings and Dogleg provided R&D, testing and prototype services since the early inception of Bloodline. Billings is also co-inventor of the first Bloodline patent, US Patent # 9,925,427 with Brad Adams and Larry Bischmann (co-founders). Dogleg milled the first prototypes, including for Tour players and eventually their new ambassador Ernie Els. Billings continues to provide Tour editions, as well as unique variations that capitalize on the Billings’ adjustability patents and related technologies that work integrally with the Bloodline stand-alone concept, putting the golfer in the perfect fit setup every time they address their putter and check their alignment.
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Bobby Jones Golf – Dogleg Right helped develop prototypes and was awarded a multi-year, international license to design, manufacture and market a line of state-of-the-art putters for Bobby Jones Golf from 2014 through 2016. Dave Billings was also honored with a special project for Augusta National Golf Club, to collaboratively design new and unique “modern classic” models for the Members and their guests, and given as special gifts from then Chairman Billy Payne. Those Limited Edition models featured the exclusive Member’s logo and other commemorative engraving establishing ultra premium levels of quality, design aesthetics and performance rarely if ever seen from any other brand on the market.
All these products were made in-house at Dogleg Right by Dave and his team of talented and dedicated staff.

Special new Project underway! Look for news in the coming months on a new project that Billings and his team are heavily involved with including R&D, manufacturing and licensed use of the Billings / Dogleg patents.